Ips sexdentatus Boerner, 1776

[Hungarian Version]

Csóka, György and Kovács, Tibor (1999): Xilofág rovarok - Xylophagous insects. Hungarian Forest Research Institute. Erdészeti Turományos Intézet, Agroinform Kiadó, Budapest, 189 pp.

Mn: Hatfogú szú  /  En: Six-toothed bark beetle

6-7 mm. One of the largest bark beetles in Hungary. Usually bivoltine. Hosts are pine (Pinus) species. The large mating chamber is located in the bark. The vertical egg galleries are 4-5 mm wide, and can reach 1 m in length, regularly forking. The larval tunnels are short and a large pupal chamber is located at the end. Both egg galleries and larval tunnels are found mainly in the bark and only touch the sapwood. Does not attack healthy trees. Overwinters as adults under the bark of dead trees and logs. The overwintering adults are often killed by entomopathogenic fungi. European species became common and widespread in Hungary over the last couple of decades.


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