A Guide to Common Forest Pests in Georgia

Terry Price, Forest Health Specialist, Georgia Forestry Commission


This publication was prepared for foresters, forest rangers, forest patrolmen, county agents, teachers and students to aid them with the identification, prevention and control of common forest and shade tree pests in Georgia. It is not intended to be a complete guide to all of the pests of trees. More detailed information is available from numerous other publications, some of which have been listed in the appendix.

The pests discussed are the pine bark beetles, ambrosia beetles, pine reproduction weevils, pine tip moths, defoliators of pine and hardwood trees, twig and branch girdlers and pruners, annosus root rot, fusiform rust, littleleaf disease, hypoxylon canker, pitch canker, foliage diseases, oak decline, and Dutch elm disease. Information on animal and storm damages has been included to bring attention to these sometimes overlooked damaging agents.


Appreciation is extended to Dr. Kim Coder, Extension Forestry, University of Georgia, and Dr. Charles (Ed) Cordell, Forest Pest Management, USDA, Forest Service for their review of this manuscript.

Table Of Contents

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