Retinia resinella Linnaeus, 1758 = Petrova resinella

[Hungarian Version]

Csóka, György and Kovács, Tibor (1999): Xilofág rovarok - Xylophagous insects. Hungarian Forest Research Institute. Erdészeti Turományos Intézet, Agroinform Kiadó, Budapest, 189 pp.

Mn: Gyantagubacs-sodrómoly  /  En: Pine resin gall moth

16-20 mm. Moth flies in May. Females oviposit single eggs on shoots under the buds. Larvae feed in the shoot. Using its on frass and the resin flowing from the shoot the larva makes a gall-like shelter the size of a hazelnut. The larva overwinters twice in it. Main foodplant is Pinus sylvestris. European species, common in Hungary.


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