Pityogenes bidentatus Herbst, 1784

[Hungarian Version]

Csóka, György and Kovács, Tibor (1999): Xilofág rovarok - Xylophagous insects. Hungarian Forest Research Institute. Erdészeti Turományos Intézet, Agroinform Kiadó, Budapest, 189 pp.

Mn: Kétfogú szú  /  En: Two-toothed pine beetle

2-3 mm. Bivoltine. Foodplants are pine (Pinus) species, preferring the younger stems. The star-shaped, 4-7 branched egg gallery is excavated into the sapwood. The larval tunnels are curved, scarcely visible in thinner stems. European species, mainly found at higher elevations in the Carpathian basin.


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