Scolytus mali Bechstein, 1805

[Hungarian Version]

Csóka, György and Kovács, Tibor (1999): Xilofág rovarok - Xylophagous insects. Hungarian Forest Research Institute. Erdészeti Turományos Intézet, Agroinform Kiadó, Budapest, 189 pp.

Mn: Nagy gyümölcsfakéreg szú  /  En: Large fruit bark beetle

3-4 mm. Bivoltine. The vertical egg gallery is 1.5-2 mm wide and 5-10 cm long, starting from a visible mating chamber. Both egg and larval galleries are excavated into the sapwood. Foodplants are wild and cultivated fruit trees such as plum and cherry (Prunus, Malus, Pyrus). European species, common everywhere in Hungary.


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