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juniper witches' broom rust
Gymnosporangium nidus-avis Thaxt.

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juniper witches' broom rust
Gymnosporangium nidus-avis
Edward L. Barnard

Taxonomic Rank

Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Subphylum: Pucciniomycotina
Class: Pucciniomycetes
Order: Pucciniales
Family: Pucciniaceae
Genus: Gymnosporangium

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Species Fungorum: 162482

Synonyms and Other Names

Related Scientific Names:
Gymnosporangium nidus avis Thaxt.(Misspelling)


Common Name Reference: Derived from taxonomy / Generic common name
Scientific Name Reference: Index Fungorum. Paul Kirk. CABI, CBS and Landcare Research.