Forest Pests of North America
Native and Non-native insects, diseases, and weeds of urban, managed, and natural forests

Weeds - Shrubs

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Subject Scientific Name Order Family
coral ardisia Ardisia crenata Sims Ericales Primulaceae
absinth wormwood Artemisia absinthium L. Asterales Asteraceae
Japanese barberry Berberis thunbergii DC. Ranunculales Berberidaceae
Scotch broom Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link Fabales Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
striated broom Cytisus striatus (Hill) Rothm Fabales Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
thorny olive Elaeagnus pungens Thunb. Rhamnales Elaeagnaceae
autumn olive Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. Rhamnales Elaeagnaceae
winged burning bush Euonymus alatus (Thunb.) Sieb. Celastrales Celastraceae
glossy buckthorn Frangula alnus Mill. Rhamnales Rhamnaceae
shrubby lespedeza Lespedeza bicolor Turcz. Fabales Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
sericea lespedeza Lespedeza cuneata (Dum.-Cours.) G. Don Fabales Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Japanese privet Ligustrum japonicum Thunb. Scrophulariales Oleaceae
glossy privet Ligustrum lucidum W.T. Aiton Scrophulariales Oleaceae
border privet Ligustrum obtusifolium Sieb. & Zucc. Scrophulariales Oleaceae
California privet Ligustrum ovalifolium Hassk. Scrophulariales Oleaceae
Chinese privet Ligustrum sinense Lour. Scrophulariales Oleaceae
European privet Ligustrum vulgare L. Scrophulariales Oleaceae
sweet breath of spring Lonicera fragrantissima Lindl. & Paxton Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae
Amur honeysuckle Lonicera maackii (Rupr.) Herder Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae
Morrow's honeysuckle Lonicera morrowii Gray Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae
Tatarian honeysuckle Lonicera tatarica L. Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae
showy fly honeysuckle, Bell's honeysuckle Lonicera x bella Zabel [morrowii × tatarica] Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae
dwarf honeysuckle Lonicera xylosteum L. Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae
catclaw mimosa Mimosa pigra L. Fabales Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
sacred bamboo Nandina domestica Thunb. Ranunculales Berberidaceae
European buckthorn Rhamnus cathartica L. Rhamnales Rhamnaceae
jetbead Rhodotypos scandens (Thunb.) Makino Rosales Rosaceae
multiflora rose Rosa multiflora Thunb. Rosales Rosaceae
Himalayan blackberry Rubus armeniacus Focke Rosales Rosaceae
cutleaf blackberry Rubus laciniatus Willd. Rosales Rosaceae
Japanese spiraea Spiraea japonica L. f. Rosales Rosaceae
gorse Ulex europaeus L. Fabales Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
wayfaringtree Viburnum lantana L. Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae
cranberry viburnum, European highbush cranberry Viburnum opulus ssp. opulus Linnaeus Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae