Forest Pest Insects in North America: a Photographic Guide

Gillette's eriococcin

Eriokermes gillettei (Tinseley) (Hemiptera: Kermesidae, formerly Eriococcidae)

Orientation to pest

Gillette's eriococcin, Eriokermes gillettei (Tinseley) (syn. is Eriococcus gillettei), is a native North American scale. This species is found on native junipers (Juniperus) but is not damaging. Occasionally higher densities develop on junipers planted as ornamentals. Adult females are yellowish before forming an ovisac but then turn brownish purple. In Maryland, there is one generation per year and the scale overwinters in the egg stage.

Hosts commonly attacked

This scale is restricted to feeding on species of juniper (Juniperus).


This scale is known from Florida, Maryland, Virginia, and several western states, but likely has a larger U.S. distribution, including most of the southeastern United States.

Images of Gillette's eriococcin

Gillette's eriococin on juniper Raymond Gill, California Department of Food and Agriculture, 768x512 / 1536x1024
Figure 1. Gillette's eriococin, Eriokermes gillettei, on juniper

Important biological control agents related to this pest species

Parasitoids of this scale have not been reported but its characteristic low density in natural habitats suggests it may be kept under control by specialized parasitoids.

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