Forest Pest Insects in North America: a Photographic Guide

R. G. Van Driesche1, J. LaForest2, C. Bargeron2, R. Reardon3 and M. Herlihy1

1University of Massachusetts, PSIS/Entomology; 2University of Georgia; 3USDA Forest Service, State and Private Forestry


The photos present on this website are intended to help foresters, urban landscaping employees, or others working with trees recognize some of the common pest insects affecting trees in North America and understand their life cycles and how they damage trees. The information was drawn from book, websites, factsheets, and some original literature. This CD is not a guide for specialists. In many groups, such as the bark beetles and aphids, confirmation of species identity requires attention to details not visible in photos with comparisons to other similar species and use of keys. Sources for further information (websites and articles) are given at the bottom of each species' page; however, an exhaustive review of the literature was beyond the scope of this project. In most cases, pages on individual species were reviewed by experts with direct knowledge of the species (acknowledged separately on pages for each page). While any residual mistakes remain mine (Roy Van Driesche), I am deeply indebted to the many people who greatly improved pages on particular insects with their comments, photos and edits. I would like also to acknowledge the help of Chuck Benedict who helped with formatting of documents.

Table of Contents